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Shop For Affordable Bedding & Diamond Mattresses at our Mattress Store in Costa Mesa

Orange County Mattress carries comfortable Tempur-Pedic mattresses in Costa Mesa, CA. We value offering affordable products while still upholding the highest quality performance for your sleep experience. If you live in the area, we would love to meet you face-to-face while you browse our showroom. Our online store stays up to date with the latest mattresses and accessories if you’d prefer to shop online before stopping in our location. Whether you need additional body support or your mattress is worn, we have you covered. Contact us today for a better night’s sleep.

What Can You Expect From Our Costa Mesa Mattress Store?

Our Costa Mesa location resides right off Newport Boulevard and East 16th Street. Mattress browsing should always be an exciting experience, so we create a welcoming environment for you to test our comfortable options. Your sleep quality is our top priority over any purchase, and our consultants are available for any questions about our products.

What Factors Should You Consider When Buying a Mattress?

The mattress you choose will have an impact on how you sleep. There are a few factors to remember while starting the shopping process. When you are ready to replace your bed, you should consider the following to make the best decision:

  • Choose the Material Type - Mattresses are manufactured with three options: innerspring, foam, and hybrid. For maximum comfort, the innerspring and foam types are made of latex and memory materials.
  • Consider Firmness - Your sleeping position impacts the quality of your rest. We recommend a medium or firm bed for back sleepers, whereas side sleepers typically opt for a mattress that is soft to medium and molds to their body type.
  • Consider Your Weight - Lighter people sleep better on medium or soft mattresses, whereas heavier people prefer firmer surfaces.
  • Choose a Mattress Topper - A mattress topper can be sewn into your mattress to improve your sleeping patterns and provide additional cushioning. These are also known as pillow toppers or euro toppers.
  • Know Your Budget - Knowing your budget will assist you in making better purchasing decisions. We offer budget-friendly mattresses with the best features for your needs.

When Is the Best Time For You to Buy New Bedding?

The quality of your sleep will depend on the comfortability of your mattress. You'll save money, feel less stressed, and sleep better if you buy a bed that will last you a long time. Although there is no set procedure for replacing a mattress, numerous indicators can suggest an investment. Paying attention to your physical health and the state of your bed is essential. To determine whether it's time for a replacement, consider the following:

  • You’ve used your mattress for over 5 years
  • You sleep better at hotels or friends’ houses
  • Your allergies or asthma is flared
  • Your quality of sleep is negatively impacted
  • You wake up with joint or muscle pain
  • It’s excessively worn down
  • The innersprings are noisy and old

How Can You Maintain Your Mattresses Long Lifespan?

Mattresses form indentations where you typically sleep over time. Many manufacturers recommend regularly rotating your bed from head to foot to ensure an even surface. Adjustments should be made every 6 to 12 months if your mattress is newer. However, if you own an older product, you should consider rotating it every 2 to 6 months for proper support and comfort. In addition, you can prevent the wear and tear caused by sweat, allergens, and bugs by washing your bed sheets weekly.

What Additional Products Do We Carry?

Are you looking for additional accessories to pair with your brand-new or used mattress?  We provide a wide range of options to support your body type and needs for optimal sleep. We carry various products if you're looking for a high-performance pillow that goes above and beyond having a place to rest your head. Additionally, we offer covers that protect against moisture, allergens, and excessive heat. Our shelves are always fully stocked with sheets, padded mattress toppers, and adjustable bases to complete your bedding set!

Consider Orange County Mattress For Your Mattress Shopping

Orange County Mattress understands the importance of sleeping well. Reaching optimal rest each night determines your daily performance on the job or at home. Our consultants are trained with expert knowledge to assist you in purchasing your next mattress. If you’re unsure what to buy, they can guide you by asking questions to understand your needs. When your shopping experience is complete, we can help set up your mattress. Our team offers free delivery for orders over $599. Visit us today to explore our selection.

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