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Are You Searching For a Trusted Mattress Store in Irvine, CA? Orange County Mattress Is Your Reliable Irvine Mattress Store

Orange County Mattress offers premier mattress store services to Irvine, CA. Since 1972, we have provided dedicated comfort to the community with the highest-quality customer service. Our team values building intentional connections with you when you stop into our store, and we love meeting you face-to-face! If you’d prefer to shop our online store before coming to see us, we keep our inventory up to date. Whether you’re seeking a Diamond mattress to improve your health and wellness or a Tempur-Pedic option, we carry a wide range of products for your needs. Visit us today for your next purchase!

What Should You Expect at Our Irvine Location?

Our mattress shop is conveniently located right off Interstate 5, next to Restoration Hardware Outlet. We only carry the best bedding inventory to provide a satisfactory experience. Your mattress shopping should always be manageable, so we provide a relaxing environment to browse our options easily.

When Should You Purchase a New Mattress?

One of the essential factors in getting a good night’s sleep is the comfort level of your mattress. Investing in bedding that will last you years to save money and ensure a satisfactory experience is essential. There is no set standard for when to purchase a new mattress. However, some indicators lead to the search process. Consider the following for the best time to browse mattresses:

  • It’s 6-8 years old or more
  • You sleep better at hotels or friends’ houses
  • It’s negatively impacting your sleep
  • You wake up with joint or muscle pain
  • It’s sagging, damaged, or ripped in various areas
  • It’s noisy from old innersprings in the mattress
  • Your allergies or asthma is flared

How Do You Choose the Perfect Mattress?

Choosing the perfect mattress will play a part in your sleeping habits. A few factors should be considered when diving into the shopping process. When you’re ready to swap your mattress for a new one, the following should be considered for purchase:

  • Choose the Type of Material – There are three mattresses to choose from when you’re considering buying a new one. These include hybrid, innerspring, and foam. For absolute comfort, the innerspring and foam versions are made with latex and memory materials.
  • Consider Firmness – Your sleep position matters when considering the firmness of your mattress. Side sleepers enjoy a soft to medium bed, and we recommend medium or firm options for back sleepers.
  • Factor in Your Weight – Lighter-weight individuals experience better sleep on a soft to medium bed, while heavier sleepers benefit from firmer mattresses.
  • Choose a Mattress Topper – To improve your sleep experience, additional cushioning for comfort can be sewn into the cover.
  • Determine Your Budget – Knowing your budget will offer you a game plan for your shopping experience. The more expensive options will provide more features and benefits, but we offer top-tier mattresses for lower budgets to consider your best interest.

Do We Provide Additional Bedding Accessories?

Our Irvine location wants to equip you with all the necessary bedding supplies, which is why we maintain a stock of the most excellent accessories. To ensure a restful night's sleep with your new mattress, we offer a variety of pillows to pair with it. We provide protective covers that easily fit over your bed to guard against bed bugs, excessive heat, and moisture. Our shop also carries a generous inventory of sheets, toppers, and bed frames.

Let Us Help You Gain a Better Night’s Sleep

For three generations, Orange County Mattress has successfully maintained its positive reputation. We aim to prioritize every customer who walks through our doors over any purchase. Your sleep experience depicts the outcome of your daily work, school, and lifestyle performance. If you’re struggling to feel rested, we want to help you reach an optimal quality of life. Contact us today to learn more about our mattress options.

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