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Hello and welcome to Orange County Mattress where we believe in a fun and affordable mattress buying experience: Surfs Up, Prices Down.

Shopping for New Mattresses at OC Mattress

Guests of any of our 11 locations throughout Los Angeles and the greater Southern California area will enjoy many perks just for walking in. All guests are greeted by our friendly sales staff that knows Orange County Mattress is where you’re the mattress expert!

In Southern California, you cannot find a finer quality selection of sleep sets. Guests will enjoy exclusive access to the world's best brands.

    • Yes, we have mattresses that are handmade in California by Aireloom.
    • Yes, we have Tempur-Pedic!
    • We simply have the best sleep sets for you and your family, anywhere.

Besides offering luxury sleep sets at affordable prices, we also offer same day delivery. Our guests are amazed that they can come into our showroom and meet the delivery truck at their home just an hour later (in some cases). Rapid delivery is what we do!

We ask our guests to consider one thing when they come to visit us: Do you spend more time in your car, or on your mattress?

What has a more direct impact on your health, your bedroom furniture or your mattress? When we consider the impact that sleep has on our mind, body, and your happiness, we can easily consider your mattress to be the most important piece of furniture in your home.

Please view an investment in a mattress as an investment in your health. We hope that you will make this important investment with Orange County Mattress. You are always welcome as our guest.