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How to Buy a Mattress

Considering we spend about 1/3 of our lives on our mattress, it is the most important piece of furniture in the home!

Our mattresses are designed for one thing: a better night's sleep.


Mattress Dimensions Chart

Twin mattress

39" wide x 75" long

Twin extra-long mattress

39" wide x 80" long

Full size or Double mattress

54" wide x 75" long

Queen mattress

60" wide x 80" long

King mattress

76" wide x 80" long

California King mattress

72" wide x 84" long


First, let's think about size.

The mattress needs to be longer than the person sleeping on it is tall.

The bed width should allow for plenty of space for the person or people to move around to get comfortable. For two people on a mattress, we recommend at least a Queen or King. 

Good Rule of Thumb: You should buy the largest mattress that your space allows for. 

Second, let's think about comfort.

A good place to start is asking yourself, "Do I prefer a plush or firm mattress?" If you don't know! That is what our retail stores in California are for; come in to give them a try.

It's okay if you have questions, that is what our sleep experts at OC Mattress are for. Come in and ask away, we will help without pressure on you or your family to buy right away.

Third, let's think about your budget.

Mattress sets vary in price due to what is inside of them. You may want the top end model with temperature regulating material because it feels amazing, but your budget might say otherwise.

Decide what you would like to pay and focus your research in that price range.

Remember: this could be your sleep surface for the next 10 years. You could buy a mattress that is $1,000 over what you wanted to spend and still only pay about 3 cents more per hour of sleep.

You will realize importance of mattress investment when you consider the massive impact that sleep has on our health, interpersonal relationships, and happiness. Budget accordingly.

Fourth, take your time.

We can't tell you how many times the customer that makes a snap decision comes back in weeks later and regrets their poor decision-making. We invite you to take your time in our showroom. Come in, shop around and ask away!